spiritual peace

     How would you answer the following question: Is the presence of inner peace spiritual? I would argue, yes, it is! Is spiritual peace contingent upon external conditions? No, not at all. Spiritual peace is not dependent upon the absence of turmoil or stress. Spiritual peace is a peace that is experienced in spite of the common stresses that touch our lives each day.

     So then, the million-dollar question is: How does one find their way to the place of ‘peace’, and how does one actually walk in it?

      In these days of quasi-spirituality, we often hear from those who propagate concepts and terminology clearly intended to exalt ‘self’. Here are but a few samples of such concepts: “Reach out to the universe and take from it what you need”; “Become one with your positive energy” or “We need nothing more than ourselves. The power is within”.

     When we become enamored with the notion of any worldly practice to artificially manufacture that which is ‘spiritual’, we labour against ourselves. And in fact, we become further removed from ever discovering authentic peace, which is richly spiritual.

     There is nothing new under the sun. It seems evident that an age-old ambition is alive and well in 2015. We want to be ‘gods’. We want to be independent but at the same time, spiritually empowered. News flash! We are mortal. Humanity is capable of accomplishing great feats, but one must agree that our accomplishments are confined to the realm of the natural. Spiritual things come from spiritual sources.

        Still, there are others who claim ‘peace’ through the practice of yoga and meditation. These practices provide only temporary relief, relaxation and calm. The peace of which I speak is not about the cessation of activity; a momentary ‘peace-fix’ or a temporary band-aid to soothe a weary soul. I speak of a peace that will not take flight when the going gets tough but will carry the soul through the bumpy road of life.

       If we want spiritual peace, real and lasting peace, we must go to the spiritual source - a source beyond the natural and outside of ourselves. The prophet Isaiah writes: “For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counsellor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.” It is by personal faith in this child given that we are granted peace - peace in our souls and peace with Almighty God.

     At some point in the span of our lives, the ‘soul’ needs answers to some fundamental questions if we are to realize peace - questions such as: Is there really a God? What happens when we die? What is ‘this life’ all about?

     The dictionary defines “revelation” as: something revealed; especially an enlightening or astonishing disclosure. When we place personal, heartfelt faith in the one whom God has given, then revelation comes to us. It is within this revelation that the soul finds peace. Our eyes are opened and we receive with certainty the answers the soul seeks. We know that, yes, there is a God! He is the Almighty. We know that indeed, there is an ‘eternal home’ called Heaven where life, love, and joy reside. We know with certainty that Jesus is the Lord of whom the scriptures speak. He is the Saviour of our soul! He is, in fact, our peace!