About Us

Diane aPhoto of Diane and Hanknd Hank are a husband and wife ministry team who have been married for 43 years, and have served the Lord for 35 years. Taking The Gospel Ministries (TTGM) was birthed in 1989, but not until 2002 did it become an official registered charitable organization. 

TTGM is primarily an evangelistic ministry. The mission statement of TTGM is: to reach as many people as possible with whatever means available. TTGM has endeavoured to reach the ‘lost’ in a multitude of ways: ongoing publishing of Christian material since 1987; street evangelism; ongoing ‘The Life of Jesus’ film distribution outreach;  mission trips; radio; ministry to seniors, youth, and the incarcerated – and now online with World Gospel Live.

The mandate of World Gospel Live is two-fold: 1) to teach, inspire and strengthen the believer. 2) to boldly share the gospel with those who have not yet experienced the hope and saving power of Jesus Christ.

TTGM is affiliated with and Diane is ordained under and accountable to the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada. Diane served as Senior Pastor of Victory Community Church for 7 years. Under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, Diane founded Taking The Gospel Ministries in 1989. World Gospel Live is a ministry of Taking The Gospel Ministries.

Hank serves as the administrator and offers special music for churches when called upon. Diane says of Hank that he is the 'everything guy'.

Evangelism Training Seminar: Taking The Gospel Ministries offers a one-day evangelism training seminar entitled “And So I Send You”. This dynamic training seminar takes the fear out of personal evangelism. For more information, email us at takingthegospel@gmail.com