Have you ever been around someone who is the product of years of pent-up unforgiveness, which almost always manifests itself in anger and hostility when certain names or subjects are brought up? Believe me - the whole world suffers with them! They are miserable and miserable to be around! Oftentimes you will hear them say, “Don’t get me started”. But in fact, it’s not a matter of ‘getting them started’. The truth of the matter is – the misery of unforgiveness is worn like a ball and chain that is dragged around wherever one goes.

We gain absolutely nothing by harbouring un-forgiveness in our hearts. In fact, unforgiveness hurts only the one whose unforgiving heart is fixed on never letting go. There is no freedom for the one who is enslaved by their own bitterness. The ‘condition of the heart’ not only influences conduct but also the way in which one views life. When we release others, we actually release ourselves – opening the way for new, exciting and positive change.

“Forgive as I have forgiven you.” Forgiveness is not only God’s instruction to us, but forgiveness is at the very core of the Christian faith; for without it, there would be no salvation. It is in the ‘power of forgiveness’ that God has shown His very great and amazing love for humanity. Likewise, we show our very great love for God when we, as an act of our will, forgive others! We show God our love and faith by our willingness to be obedient to His perfect will – and this brings Him glory. Forgiveness is love in action – love toward our fellow man and love toward our God.